Saturday, December 19, 2009

Santa Claus 100 Rescheduled

The Santa Claus 100 has been rescheduled for Friday, January 29th at 7:00 due to the recent snow storm. The month of January at the Cave Speedway will be the "Month of Money" as every race will be a trophy race.

The Cave Speedway would like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. See you at The Cave in 2010!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009


There is a forecast for snow Friday night into Saturday. Due to the possibility of snow accumulation a decision will be made by Noon Saturday, December 19th, whether the Santa Claus 100 will have to be rescheduled. We want all our racers to have safe travel to and from and track. Keep watching the skies and the web site for further information!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Late Model Points 12/11

Junior Cooper 512
Alan Sagi 495
Tyler Williamson 494
Brian Massey 480
Mike Nail 456
Matt Williamson 389
Dwain Welsh 381
Dave Mason 342
Travis Clark 331
Budd Reitnauer 304
Bobby Jones 294
Mike Parrill Sr. 265
Rick Williamson 261
Curtis Bass 246
Joe Saunders 242
Andy Kirby 230
Joe Shifflett 188
Frenchy Bennington 146
Matt Mason 144
Joey Shifflett 135
Steve Welsh 100
Aaron Seal 98
Jimmy McFarland 72
Brandon Breeden 64
Greg Hoard 60
Todd Breeden 60
Richard Messick 44
Kevin Sine 44

Spint Points 12/11

Alan Sagi 195
Budd Reitnauer 155
Matt Williamson 95
Bobby Jones 90
Tyler Williamson 88
Rick Williamson 85
Joe Shifflett 80
Mike Nail 76
Dave Mason 69
Dwain Welsh 66



The qualifying had just been completed and the field was ready to take the green flag for the first heat when there was an extreme odor that permeated over the track and grandstands on Friday night at the Cave Speedway. The pits and spectators were emptied as the odor became overbearing. The Haz-Mat emergency crew were unable to determine the cause of the odor but it is reported that someone had had something powerful for dinner! Once the program started though things got hot and heavy. Travis, Alan and Junior won the heats fairly easily.Dave Mason secured a move up to the C-Main with a win in the D. Jimmy McFarland who was a regular last year was on hand for his first outing of the year and pulled off the victory in the C-Main. The B-main brought Tyler Williamson, Jimmy McFarland, and Brian Massey into the big show.The feature was a tight race between Alan, Tyler and Travis Clark as both Tyler and Travis tried valiantly to overtake Alan in the last two segments but fell a little short as Alan pulled out another win at the 'Cave.

The Sprint series invaded the Cave for the second time this year. The program was stopped again for an injury as Bobby Jones's voice got a little higher and he went to the ground as Budd Reitnauer went air born and a piece of Budd's car hit Bobby in below the belt. Alan Sagi was victorious in the Sprints. It is reported that Rick Williamson may require that all drivers wear jock straps and a cup in future events!!

This week is the Santa Cause 100 trophy race and it is reported that Santa may even be at the track. So bring the whole family as we celebrate the season and rev up for the main event.

See ya' all at the cave Saturday night!


Friday, December 11, 2009


Junior Cooper 388
Mike Nail 346
Alan Sagi 290
Dave Mason 283
Dwain Welsh 271
Bobby Jones 258
Joe Shifflett 185
Tyler Williamson 175
Matt Mason 174
Budd Reitnauer 171
Joe Saunders 169
Frenchy Bennington 155
Mike Parrill Sr 144
Travis Clark 143
Joey Shifflett 140
Matt Williamson 129
Curtis Bass 119
Greg Hoard 81
Brian Massey 78
Brandon Breeden 56

Late Model Points 12/05

Junior Cooper 427
Tyler Williamson 403
Brian Massey 402
Alan Sagi 395
Mike Nail 390
Dwain Welsh 381
Matt Williamson 320
Dave Mason 288
Budd Reitnauer 248
Bobby Jones 241
Travis Clark 241
Rick Williamson 201
Curtis Bass 198
Mike Parrill Sr. 195
Joe Saunders 192
Joe Shifflett 188
Andy Kirby 172
Frenchy Bennington 146
Matt Mason 144
Joey Shifflett 135
Steve Welsh 100
Aaron Seal 98
Brandon Breeden 64
Greg Hoard 60
Todd Breeden 60
Richard Messick 44
Kevin Sine 44

No Snow at the Cave !!!

Friday night was hot and steamy as the field was anxious to get the program going before winter weather arrived. Junior Cooper who is a young and upcoming hot shoe pulled out a close race between he and the top four. Joe Shifflett got into the mix with Tyler Williamson, Brian Massey, and Junior as those top four put on a good show, Coming in a not too distance was track promoter Rick Williamson who had one of his better showings this year as his new mount is getting tuned in. The final result of the L/M's was Junior Cooper, Joe Shifflett, Tyler Williamson, Brian Massey, Rick Williamson and Travis Clark who had a good night of it till the feature when mechanical problems sent him to the garage early. Friday December 11 will be the regular L/M program with anther invasion of the Sprints taking the green.

The P/S saw a father/son duel with Matt and Curtis Mason making the main event. Mike Nail was able to pull away early and hold on as the field closed in to pull out the victory.

It has been reported by the track management that the Santa Clause 100 will be under the lights! Can this be true? You all come out on the 19th to find out!!