Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sagi Snatches A Bargain On Black Friday

Alan Sagi of Hagerstown Md. continued his dominance at The Cave on Friday night to take his second Black Friday 100. Full details along with Pure Stock results to come.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


The first late model trophy race of the 2009-2010 season is on tap for this Friday, November 27th at 7:00. $9 to start and $22 to win! Should be a large group of cars and drivers on hand trying to take home the first presentation check and trophy of the year. See you at "The Cave"!

Monday, November 23, 2009


1) Alan Sagi 100
2) Matt Williamson 95
3) Tyler Williamson 88
4) Joe Shifflet 80
5) Mike Nail 76
6) Budd Reitnauer 75
7) Dave Mason 69
8) Dwain Welsh 66


1) Alan Sagi 295
2) Junior Cooper 270
3) Brian Massey 263
4) Dwain Welsh 246
5) Mike Nail 233
6) Tyler Williamson 227
7) Matt Williamson 193
8) Budd Reitnauer 192
9) Dave Mason 180
10) Curtis Bass 150
11) Joe Saunders 142
12) Bobby Jones 124
13) Travis Clark 118
14) Steve Welsh 100
15) Aaron Seal 98
16) French Bennington 80
17) Rick Williamson 64
18) Brandon Breeden 64
19) Joey Shifflet 63
20) Greg Hoard 60
21) Todd Breeden 60
22) Mike Parrill Sr 60
23) Andy Kirby 58
24) Matt Mason 50
25) Richard Messick 44


Some folks after viewing the event at The Cave on Friday night wondered if Rick Williamson had sold the track? It sure seemed that way as Alan Sagi seems to OWN The Cave this year as he dominated both the late model program and the invasion of the sprint cars as well. Although Junior Cooper set a new track record in qualifying, he was unable to put a stop to Alan Sagi's dominance. Even with different mounts Alan seems to know where the groove is and won't tell any body where it is !!! In the late model division the heat winners were, Junior Cooper, Alan Sagi, and Brian Massey. Matt Williamson won the C-main but was unable to take it further as Mike Nail took the B-main. The finish for the feature was !)Alan Sagi, 2) Junior Cooper, 3) Dwain Welsh, 4) Brian Massey, 5) Mike Nail, 6) Tyler Williamson

The first event of the year for the Sprints put on a good program as well but again Alan was victorious. The finish of the feature was 1) Alan Sagi, 2) Matt Williamson, 3) Tyler Williamson, 4) Joe Shifflet, 5) Mike Nail, 6) Budd Reitnauer

On the program for this week is the annual Black Friday 100 lapper for the late models which is always a hot event. Also, the street-stocks will be back in action after a week off.


Sunday, November 15, 2009


Except for the fact that Tyler Williamson made the big show, one would not be amiss to think he or she was seeing double on Friday night at the Cave! Tyler, who was the new finisher in the main event this week, was the one who was closest to catching Alan Sagi. However, after coming so close last week Alan left no doubt as to who was in command this week. Tyler was following Alan and waiting for that one miscue to allow him to slip past Alan but Alan was not to be denied. With a new mount this week Alan "checked out and left the keys at the door" as Promoter Rick Williamson loves to say!Brian Massey, Junior Cooper and Alan Sagi took the very competitive heats and set their sights for the main event.Because of an odd number of entries this week, more than the usual mains were run to finish setting the field for the feature.Joey Shifflet, a late arrival, took the E-main and continued on to take the D-main to get to the C-main. Although giving it a valiant try Joey just missed taking the C as Budd Reitnauer advanced to the B by taking the event. The final three to fill the main event were Tyler Williamson, Mike Nail and Dwain Welsh. The finish of the feature was almost a double take of last week except for Tyler being the entrant who replaced Frenchy who was a no show this week. At the checker it was 1) Alan Sagi 2) Tyler Williamson 3) Mike Nail 4) Junior Cooper 5) Brian Massey 6) Dwain Welsh.

The Pure-stock event was a double-the-pleasure for Junior Cooper who again had his hands full with Alan Sagi but was able to keep his mastery of that class. The finish was 1) Junior Cooper 2)Alan Sagi 3) Mike Nail 4) Dwain Welsh 5) Travis Clark 6) Dave Mason.

Next week the Sprints make their first appearance of the young season along with the Late Models. Pure stocks have the week off.

As always, SEE YA' AT THE CAVE next week!


Alan Sagi 195
Brian Massey 178
Junior Cooper 175
Dwain Welsh 158
Mike Nail 157
Tyler Williamson 152
Budd Reitnauer 136
Bobby Jones 124
Matt Williamson 123
Dave Mason 112
Steve Welsh 100
Curtis Bass 92
Joe Saunders 90
Frenchy Bennington 80
Rick Williamson 64
Brandon Breeden 64
Joey Shifflet 63
Greg Hoard 60
Todd Breeden 60
Andy Kirby 58
Travis Clark 54
Matt Mason 50
Richard Messick 44
Aaron Seal 44


Junior Cooper 198
Alan Sagi 190
Mike Nail 175
Dwain Welsh 154
Bobby Jones 141
Dave Mason 138
Tyler Williamson 121
Curtis Bass 118
Joe Saunders 117
Budd Reitnauer 108
Greg Hoard 81
Frenchy Bennington 80
Travis Clark 80
Joey Shifflet 70
Matt Williamson 69
Matt Mason 56
Brandon Breeden 56
Travis Hoard 50

Friday, November 13, 2009


Opening night filled the pits with racers that were biting at the bit to start the new season. The Late-Model division provided action that has become the norm at the cave.After quick time-trials the heats brought out much action. Junior Cooper and Dwain Welsh provided the battle in heat#1. In heat #2 Alan Sagi, a former champion at Hagerstown, handles Brian Massey after a heated duel. In heat #3 late arriving Frenchy Bennington had his mount fired up in no time and took the final heat race.Bobby Jones the invader from Maryland worked himself into the c-main with a hard won victory in the D-main. In the C-main Budd,"the hammer" Reitnauer had something left over from last years stretch run and led the pack home. However, in the B-main his luck ran out with a very competitive race that saw Brian Massey, Matt Williamson and Dwain Welsh fill out the starter grid for the feature.In a race that thrilled the fans and participants beyond expectations for the opening race, Alan and Brian made it there own as they fought tooth and nail the whole race. Although Brian had opened up a two lap lead Alan was closing fast when time ran out and the checkered flag was waved as Brian crossed the finish line first. The final finish was 1) Brian Massey 2)Alan Sagi 3)Junior Cooper 4) Dwain Welsh 5) Frenchy Bennington 6)Matt Williamson.

In the pure-stock division the competition was just as hot as Alan Sagi tried to come home at least once but again he was given all he could handle and just got nipped at the wire by Junior Cooper who had a great handling mount and was not to be denied. The finish was 1) Junior 2)Alan 3) Mike Nail 4)Greg 5)Frenchy and 6) Dwain Welsh.

It promises to be another tough and exciting night at the cave this week and by all indications the pits will be filled quickly so get to the track as early as possible.

The columnist apologizes for the late report but his PC was on the blink but promises no such issues in the future!!


Monday, November 02, 2009

What's that Smell??

On Halloween Saturday the skies cleared and smell of Tiger Milk and hot solder was in the air at The Cave, as racers from the Tri-State area were attempting to fine-tune their mounts for the opening event this Friday night. Many past champions and new faces were in attendance as Rick Williamson welcomed everyone to the Cave for the '09-2010 racing season.Although extensive preparation was made to the track, by the end of the afternoon the grooves were worn in and Rick will need to manicure the surface again for Friday night. The official starter, Vicky Seal was dusting off the flags and the keyboard and is ready to make this season the best ever.

On a more serious note, the track promoter,the racers and fans will want to have Joe Shiflet in our prayers this week as he faces his surgery. We wish him the best and look forward to his return to the Cave on a regular basis. Also, we all want to continue to hold Frenchy and his wife in our prayers as well.

Come one and come all as we look for a big opening event on Friday. Pits open at 6 p.m. so come early. SEE YA' AT THE CAVE!!