Monday, April 02, 2007

The Cave Crowns a New Track Champion for 2006-2007

Congratulations to 2006-2007 Track Champion Mike Parrill, Sr. and Rookie of the Year, Budd (J.T.) Reitnauer and all my racers, all 27 of them. Thanks also to Mr. Sportsmanship and Mr. Fix-It, Dwain Welsh and Track Engineer and Computer Guru, Mike Parrill, Sr. Thanks also to the fine catering services of "Grandma Betty" and to Ms. "Yes, I can do that" Vickie Seal, for running the show, making the big presentation checks, selling 50/50, taking entry fees and just being one of the guys.

Keep checking the web site for summer dates, rules and a few (little) rule changes. The winter schedule for 2007-2008 is complete but won't be released for a couple of weeks.

Good luck to all my racers this Summer, Mikey Franklin, Nick Canfield, Alan Sagi, and Bo's new Crew Chief??? See you at Winchester and Hagerstown. Look for Ol "Waylor1" and stop by for a cold one.

Thanks again for a great season,

Rick Williamson, Track Owner and Promoter


1. Mike Parrill, Sr. - 1,823
2. JP Welsh - 1,812
3. Mikey Franklin - 1,565
4. Mike Franklin - 1,374
5. Andrew Tyson - 1,360
6. Tyler Williamson - 1,329
7. Matt Williamson - 1,324
8. Lee Canfield - 1,240
9. Frenchy Bennington - 1,229
10. Rick Williamson - 1,208
11. Jeremy Tinsman - 1,160
12. Nick Canfield - 1,148
13. Dwain Welsh - 1,125
14. Budd Reitnauer - 1,036
15. Mike Parrill, Jr. - 849
16. Steve Welsh - 802
17. Joe Shiflett - 745
18. Alan Sagi - 488
19. Greg Poffenberger - 461
20. Chris Grimm - 433
21. Bobby Jones - 427
22. Mitch Bragg - 161
23. Wes Shiflett - 116
24. Aaron Seal - 98
25. Jason - 70
26. Cliff - 54
27. Dusty Welsh - 50

Williamson Takes North/South (Part Two)

Tyler Williamson brought the curtain down on the winter season in style Sunday afternoon at The Cave in the winged sprint car North/South Shootout (Part Two), taking 50 big ones back down south to Luray, Virginia. A smooth, steady run to the front would also be aided by a broken lead wire on then leader, Brad "Frenchy" Bennington's, car that sent the leader pit side for repairs, giving the lead to Andrew Tyson until Williamson took over on Lap 66 and led to the checkers.

Finishing order: Tyler Williamson, 2nd JP Welsh; 3rd Andrew Tyson; 4th Dwain Welsh; and 5th Frenchy Bennington. Lap leaders were: JP Welsh, Laps 1-2; Frenchy Bennington, Laps 3-20; JP Welsh, Laps 21-26; Bennington, Lap 27; Andrew Tyson, Laps 28-57; JP Welsh, Laps 58-65; and Tyler Williamson, Lap 66 to the checkers.

Frenchy Sweeps

Brad "Frenchy" Bennington's hot night carried over to the Pure Stock class as he again was fast timer at 2.560 seconds, winning the pole for Heat #1, but he couldn't stop JP Welsh, as Welsh captured the win in Heat #1. Andrew Tyson was on top in Heat #2.

The B-Main put Bennington, Jason, Mike Parrill, Jr., into the feature and also Budd Reitnauer, making his way into his first feature event.

Finishing order was: Bennington, 2nd JP Welsh, 3rd Jason, 4th Andrew Tyson, 5th Budd Reitnauer, and 6th Mike Parrill, Jr. Lap leaders were: Andrew Tyson, Lap 1; JP Welsh, Laps 2-49; Frenchy Bennington, Lap 50 to the end.

Frenchy Tops Again

Brad "Frenchy" Bennington closed out the winter season Friday night at The Cave in style, taking the win and topping the field of 14. Also, setting fast time at 2.390 set him on the pole for Heat #1. Heat winners for the night were Bennington, JP Welsh, and Joe Shiflett. Winners in the Mains for the night were Matt Williamson in the C-Main and Mike Parrill, Sr. winning the B, taking Tyler Williamson and Mike Parrill, Jr. along to the feature.

The feature started in true Cave fashion with 4 lead changes in the first four laps until Frenchy would take control on Lap 4. Parrill, Sr. got around him on Lap 52 to lead the next 31 laps until Frenchy again regained the lead on Lap 83 and led to the checkers.

Finishing order: Bennington, 2nd Tyler Williamson, 3rd JP Welsh, 4th Mike Parrill, Sr., 5th Mike Parrill, Jr., and 6th Joe Shiflett. Lap leaders were: Welsh, Lap 1; Bennington, Lap 2; Welsh, Lap 3, Bennington, Laps 4-51; Parrill, Sr., Laps 52-82; Bennington, Lap 83 to the finish.

Mike Parrill, Sr.'s fourth place finish along with JP Welsh's third, was enough to give Parrill the Points Championship over JP by a narrow 11 points.