Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Point Standings As Of 3-23-2007

1. Mike Parrill, Sr. - 1740
2. JP Welsh - 1722
3. Mikey Franklin - 1565
4. Mike Franklin - 1374
5. Andrew Tyson - 1307
6. Matt Williamson - 1258
7. Lee Canfield - 1240
8. Tyler Williamson - 1236
9. Jeremy Tinsman - 1160
10. Rick Williamson - 1150
11. Nick Canfield - 1148
12. Frenchy Bennington - 1138
13. Dwain Welsh - 1065
14. Budd Reitnauer - 980
15. Steve Welsh - 802
16. Mike Parrill, Jr. - 771
17. Joe Shiflett - 668
18. Alan Sagi - 488
19. Chris Grimm - 433
20. Bobby Jones - 427
21. Greg Poffenberger - 397
22. Mitch Bragg - 161
23. Wes Shiflett - 116
24. Aaron Seal - 98
25. Dusty Welsh - 50

Parrill Wins Number Four

Mike Parrill, Sr. made his fourth win of the year a big one taking the Bentonville 200 Friday night here at The Cave Speedway. Starting the night only four points ahead of 2nd place points man, J. P. Welsh, a second place finish in his heat along with JP's third place in his heat gave Parrill an 8 point lead going into the feature. Heat winners for the night were Brad "Frenchy" Bennington, Joe Shiflett, and Mike Franklin just nipping Alan Sagi by inches. The Mains were won by Wes Shiflett in the D, Tyler Williamson in the C-Main, and Alan Sagi captured the B-Main taking JP Welsh and Mike Parrill along to the feature.

When the feature rolled off, nobody could have imagined the twist and turns that were to come over the next 200 laps. Franklin, Sagi and Frenchy would all take turns at the point (in the first 6 laps). Frenchy and Joe would swap the lead four times early on until Frenchy would (de-slot) on the back straight and take a vicious shot to the rear bending the chassis sending him pitside and handing the lead to Shiflett. Joe would lead until Lap 149 when excessive wheel hop would lead to a broken motor mount sending him pitside. (Get the picture?) Parrill, Sr. now takes the lead and would spend the last 50 laps holding off a furious charge by Welsh, but the old man was up to the task and held on for a narrow win (less than a lap) over JP. Third was Mike Franklin with Alan Sagi coming home fourth, Frenchy fifth, and sixth was Joe Shiflett.

Six lead changes among five drivers. Lap leaders were Franklin, Laps 1-4; Sagi, Laps 5-6; Bennington, Laps 7-42; Shiflett, Laps 43-57; Bennington, Laps 58-60; Shiflett, Laps 61-149; Parrill, Sr., Laps 150-200.

Last points race of the season will be Friday night, March 30th, followed on Sunday, April 1st at 2:00 P.M. with the North/South Shootout (Part 2) winged sprint car race as the local boys from The Cave will again defend their turf against the northern invaders, or as they like to be called "The Posse". Is that spelled right or is it P****. Well, never mind. See you all Friday night and again on Sunday.

Friday, March 16, 2007


For those of you who couldn't get enough sprint car action at The Cave Speedway, the North/South (Part II) has been scheduled for Sunday, April 1st at 2:00 P.M. If you need any parts for your sprint car, Rick will be placing his order Sunday night, so give him a call and let him know what you need at (540) 636-1380. He still has lots of late model and pure stock parts on hand so you can pick up what you need at The Cave.


Old Man Winter isn't done with us yet. The "Bentonville 200" scheduled for tonight has been rescheduled for next Friday, March 23rd, at 7:30 P.M. and the last points race of the season has been pushed back to Friday, March 30th. Hope to see all of you then!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Shiflett Tops Pure Stocks

Joe Shiflett picked up his first Pure Stock win Friday night at The Cave Speedway using his fast time to start on the pole in Heat #1 and would go on to pick up the win. Heat #2 went to Jeremy Tinsman with JP Welsh taking Heat #3 after a see-saw battle with Mikey Franklin. The C-Main was won by Greg Poffenberger with Mike Franklin winning the B-Main taking Poffenberger and Brad "Frenchy" Bennington to the feature.

Franklin would jump out in the lead early until Shiflett would take over on Lap 8 and lead to the checkers. Finishing order was: Shiflett; 2nd Brad "Frenchy" Bennington; 3rd JP Welsh; 4th Mike Franklin; 5th Greg Poffenberger; and 6th Jeremy Tinsman. The Pure Stocks will have next week off but will return for their final race of the season on Friday, March 23rd.

Frenchy Sweeps

Nineteen racers were on hand Friday night at The Cave Speedway with Brad "Frenchy" Bennington setting fast time of 2.316 to earn the pole position in the first heat, which he would go on to win. Other heat winners for the night were Dwain Welsh, JP Welsh, and Tyler Williamson. The Mains were won by Greg Poffenberger in the D, Lee Canfield in the C, and Mikey Franklin winning the B taking Andrew Tyson into the feature. When the green flag dropped on the feature, Frenchy left little doubt about who was gonna be the man to beat as he led flag to flag for his third win of the year. The finishing order was: Bennington; 2nd JP Welsh; 3rd Mikey Franklin; 4th Tyler Williamson; 5th Andrew Tyson; and 6th Dwain Welsh. The "Bentonville 200", the final trophy race of the season, will be a double point event scheduled for Friday, March 16th. The following week the last race of the season for Late Models and Pure Stocks will be run on March 23rd.

Saturday, March 10, 2007


Please make note of the revised racing schedule for The Cave Speedway. The "Bentonville 200" will be run Friday, March 16th. This will be a double points trophy race for the Late Models. The final race of the season will be on Friday, March 23rd. This will be the last race for Late Models and Pure Stocks.

Point Standings As Of 3-9-07

1. Mike Parrill, Sr. - 1,544
2. J. P. Welsh - 1,540
3. Mikey Franklin - 1,443
4. Andrew Tyson - 1,203
5. Mike Franklin - 1,194
6. Jeremy Tinsman - 1,160
7. Matt Williamson - 1,146
8. Tyler Williamson - 1,104
9. Lee Canfield - 1,096
10. Nick Canfield - 1,048
11. Rick Williamson - 1,022
12. Frenchy Bennington - 978
13. Dwain Welsh - 957
14. Budd Reitnauer - 888
15. Steve Welsh - 802
16. Mike Parrill, Jr. - 771
17. Joe Shiflett - 514
18. Chris Grimm - 433
19. Bobby Jones - 427
20. Alan Sagi - 322
21. Greg Poffenberger - 301
22. Aaron Seal - 98
23. Mitch Bragg - 73
24. Dusty Welsh - 50

Friday, March 09, 2007

Racing on for tonight March 9th

Come on down tonight because racing is ON!!
park around back if you can.
See you at THE CAVE

Monday, March 05, 2007

Point Standings As Of 3-2-07

1. Mike Parrill, Sr. - 1,478
2. J. P. Welsh - 1, 445
3. Mikey Franklin - 1,355
4. Mike Franklin - 1,152
5. Andrew Tyson - 1,125
6. Jeremy Tinsman - 1,101
7. Matt Williamson - 1,093
8. Lee Canfield - 1,027
9. Tyler Williamson - 1,019
10. Nick Canfield - 993
11. Rick Williamson - 955
12. Dwain Welsh - 880
13. Frenchy - 878
14. Budd Reitnauer - 844
15. Mike Parrill, Jr. - 771
16. Steve Welsh - 754
17. Joe Shiflett - 451
18. Chris Grimm - 433
19. Bobby Jones - 381
20. Alan Sagi - 322
21. Greg Poffenberger - 245
22.. Aaron Seal - 98
23. Mitch Bragg - 73

It's Tyler's World

Eighteen racers gathered Friday night at the bullring in Bentonville for the third annual running of the Little World 100. (Mr. Smooth), Brad "Frenchy" Bennington started off the night in qualifying by setting fast time of 2.436 seconds, followed by a "Fast 6 Dash" of the six fastest qualifiers: Bennington at 2.436, Alan Sagi with a 2.444, Joe Shiflett ran a 2.456, Matt Williamson qualified with a 2.510, Mike Parrill, Sr. a 2.522, and Dwain Welsh was sixth with a 2.528. That is .092 seconds from 1st to 6th, folks! Mike Parrill, Sr. would win over Welsh, Sagi, Benningtion, Shiflett, and Williamson.

Heat winners for the night were Bennington, who took the lead away from Jeremy Tinsman with a last lap pass. Heat #2 had Mike Parrill, Sr. passing race leader Alan Sagi on Lap 16 to lead to the checkers. Heat #3 saw Lee Canfield take the point on Lap 18 from Joe Shiflett and hold on for the win.

Mains were won by Nick Canfield in the D-Main with J. P. Welsh taking the C-Main. The B-Main sent winner Joe Shiflett, Tyler Williamson, and J. P. Welsh to the show. This race was a nail biter to the end with only 4 laps separating 1st to 6th.

When the green flag flew on the feature, Lee Canfield would jump out from his 3rd starting spot and lead until Shiflett got by him on Lap 7 and started what appeared to be a Shiflett-Bennington show with the two swapping the lead five times. But somebody forgot to uninvite Williamson to this little party as he would put his 1D replica in the lead on a Lap 87 pass and keep it perfect to the end, taking his second World 100 globe in a row. Tyler drove a perfect race with NO wrecks in 100 laps, which is becoming what is necessary to win at The Cave.

Finishing order: Williamson, Bennington (2nd), Shiflett (3rd), Canfield (4th), J.P. Welsh (5th), and Parrill, Sr. (6th).

Six lead changes among four drivers: Canfield (Laps 1-6); Shiflett (Laps 7-11); Bennington (Laps 12-49); Shifflett (Laps 50-51); Bennington (Laps 52-55), Shiflett (Laps 56-86); and Williamson (Laps 87-100).

1. Williamson - 100 laps

2. Bennington - 100 laps

3. Shiflett - 99 laps

4. Canfield - 94 laps

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Little World 100 On For Friday, March 2nd

The Little World 100 will be run Friday night, March 2nd, at The Cave Speedway. Due to the recent wet weather, please DO NOT COME IN UNDER THE TREE TO PARK IN THE SIDE YARD. Please park either off Bubb Lane or along Bubb Lane. There will be no Pure Stock race....late model trophy race only.


See you there for the LITTLE WORLD 100