Thursday, February 22, 2007

Friday Night Racing Cancelled

Due to the parking area at The Cave being under water the Little World 100 has been cancelled and will be rescheduled for next Friday, March 2nd. We apologive for any inconvenience and hope to see all of you on the 2nd.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


Due to the recent winter weather and the lack of available parking at The Cave, ALL RACES for this weekend, Friday, February 16th (Sweetheart 100) and Saturday, February 17th (Little World 100) HAVE BEEN RESCHEDULED. The "Little World 100" has been rescheduled for Friday, February 23rd. A make-up date for the "Sweetheart 100" will be announced at a later time. To make up for the regular race being bumped on 2/23, the "Bentonville 200" will become a double points race.

Keep checking the web site for any additional changes and hopefully we will see you all next week.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Point Standings As Of 2-9-2007

1. Mike Parrill, Sr. - 1401
2. JP Welsh - 1370
3. Mikey Franklin - 1301
4. Andrew Tyson - 1125
5. Mike Franklin - 1102
6. Matt Williamson - 1037
7. Jeremy Tinsman - 1035
8. Lee Canfield - 942
9. Nick Canfield - 935
10. Tyler Williamson - 921
11. Rick Williamson - 895
12. Dwain Welsh - 827
13. Budd Reitnauer - 798
14. Frenchy Bennington - 783
15. Mike Parrill, Jr. - 723
16. Steve Welsh - 710
17. Chris Grimm - 433
18. Joe Shiflett - 363
19. Bobby Jones - 314
20 Alan Sagi - 252
21. Greg Poffenberger
22. Aaron Seal - 98
23. Mitch Bragg - 73

Shiflett Takes North/South Shootout

Fourteen racers from four states converged on our little Bentonville bullring Saturday afternoon for the first of, I hope, many winged sprint car shows at The Cave Speedway. Heat winners were Joe Shiflett, leading from Lap 2 to the end. Heat #2 was a slugfest with Greg Poffenburger winning after six lead changes in a hot battle with Mike Franklin. Heat #3 saw Tyler Williamson take over on Lap 16 and lead to the end. Dwain Welsh captured the C-Main with Frenchy Bennington taking a wild B-Main with six lead changes between Bennington, JP Welsh, and Mikey Franklin. Andrew Tyson would sneak past Mikey with 3 to go to get the last transfer spot. Shiflett would get out first in the feature only to give way to Tyler on Lap 2, but would regain the lead on Lap 3 and hold on until a hard charging "Mr. Smooth", Frenchy, would wrestle the lead away on Lap 53. He held on until Shiflett once again took over the point on Lap 82 and hold on for the win. Finishing order: Joe Shiflett, 1st; Frenchy Bennington, 2nd; Tyler Williamson, 3rd; JP Welsh, 4th; Greg Poffenburger, 5th; and Andrew Tyson, 6th. The top qualifier for the day was Bobby Davis with a 2.782 second lap.

Daddy Franklin Keeps Rollin

Mike Franklin continued his domination in Pure Stocks Friday night at The Cave Speedway. Winning his heat by going flag to flag and leading the feature after taking over on Lap 3 and leading the rest of the way for the win. Heat winners were Mikey Franklin and Mike Franklin. Mike Parrill, Jr. picked up the C-Main with Frenchy Bennington winning the B-Main taking Andrew Tyson, JP Welsh, and Mike Parrill, Sr. to the feature. Lap leaders were: Frenchy Bennington - Laps 1-2; Mike Franklin - Lap 3 to the checkers. Finishing order was: Mike Franklin, 1st; Frenchy Bennington, 2nd; JP Welsh, 3rd; Mikey Franklin, 4th; Mike Parrill, Sr. 5th; and Andrew Tyson, 6th. The top qualifier for the night was Mike Franklin with a 2.690 second lap.

Frenchy Wins Again!

Brad "Frenchy" Bennington picked up another win Friday night at The Cave Speedway. Qualifying 4th, Frenchy needed the B-Main to get a starting spot in the night's feature. He did it by winning the B and gaining the 4th spot. Heat winners were Mikey Franklin, JP Welsh, and Andrew Tyson. Lee Canfield captured the C-Main with Frenchy, Matt Williamson, and Canfield going to the feature through the B-Main. Finishing order for the nights was: Frenchy Bennington, 1st; JP Welsh, 2nd; Andrew Tyson, 3rd; Lee Canfield, 4th; Mikey Frankling, 5th; and Matt Williamson, 6th. Lap leaders were: Andrew Tyson - Laps 1-3; JP Welsh - Laps 4-5; Andrew Tyson - Laps 6-17; JP Welsh - Laps 18-68; Frenchy - Laps 69 to the finish. Top qualifier for the night was Mikey Franklin with a 2.514 second lap.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Upcoming Events

Two big weeks get started this Friday night, February 9th, with a Late Model and Pure Stock show followed on Saturday, February 10th, by the much anticipated North/South Shootout winged sprint car feature with the Pennsylvania Posse coming south to try out our little "Bentonville Bullring".

Next weekend will be the ladies only Late Model event, the Sweetheart Race, on Friday, February 16th, which will be followed by "THE BIG ONE" on Saturday night, February 17th, the Third Annual Little World 100. Don't miss these exciting races coming to the Cave Speedway!

Point Standings As Of 2-2-2007

1. Mike Parrill, Sr. - 1330
2. JP Welsh - 1275
3. Mikey Franklin - 1221
4. Mike Franklin - 1052
5. Jeremy Tinsman - 1035
6. Andrew Tyson - 1035
7. Matt Williamson - 962
8. Nick Canfield - 868
9. Lee Canfield - 862
10. Tyler Williamson - 855
11. Rick Williamson - 838
12. Dwain Welsh - 775
13. Budd Reitnauer - 744
14. Frenchy Bennington - 687
15. Mike Parrill, Jr. - 665
16. Steve Welsh - 650
17. Chris Grimm - 433
18. Joe Shifflett - 363
19. Bobby Jones - 314
20. Alan Sagi - 252
21. Greg Poffenberger - 245
22. Aaron Seal - 98
23. Mitch Bragg - 73

Franklins Sweep

Mikey Franklin picked up his third win of the season Friday night at the Cave Speedway. Mikey qualified 6th and finished 2nd in the B-Main to gain the 5th starting spot in the night's feature. Heat winners for the night were Mike Parrill, Sr., JP Welsh, and Brad "Frenchy" Bennington. Mike Franklin won the C-Main with Andrew Tyson winning the B-Main taking Mikey and Mitch Bragg along to the feature. JP Welsh would jump out and lead the first lap and it looked like it was going to be a shoot out between Welsh and Parrill, Sr. as they dominated the first 81 laps until Mikey took over on Lap 82 and held off a fast closing Frenchy to hold on for the win. Lap leaders were: JP Welsh - Laps 1-11; Mike Parrill, Sr. - Laps 12-36; JP Welsh - Laps 37-81; Mikey Franklin - Laps 82 to the finish. Finishing order was Mikey Franklin 1st, Frenchy Bennington 2nd, Mike Parrill, Sr. 3rd, JP Welsh 4th, Andrew Tyson 5th, and Mitch Bragg 6th. This was a good one! At the end of the 5th 18-lap segment Mikey was up by a half lap over the field who ALL had 81 laps. Great racing, guys!

In the Pure Stock Division, "Mr. Pure Stock", Mike Franklin, made it a clean sweep. He time trialed 1st, won his heat, and topped the night of eleven racers with another feature win. Heat winners were Franklin (who led from flag to flag), and his son, Mikey. Mitch Bragg won the C-Main and the B-Main taking JP Welsh, Frenchy Bennington, and Mike Parrill, Jr. along to the feature. Franklin jumped to the lead from his pole starting spot and dominated the event giving up the point briefly to Bragg who led 4 laps early. Finishing order: Franklin, JP Welsh, Mikey Franklin, Frenchy Bennington, Mitch Bragg, and Mike Parrill, Jr.