Sunday, December 31, 2006

Mikey Gets a Big One

Mikey Franklin made his first win of the season a big one Friday night, December 22nd, by picking up a win in the third Santa Claus 100 at The Cave Speedway. Qualifying 6th and finishing 2nd in his heat sent him to the B-Main where he finished 2nd to earn the 5th starting spot in the season's second trophy race. Heat winners for the night were Mike Parrill, Sr., who got around the father/son duo of Dwain and JP Welsh on Lap 16 to lead to the end. Heat 2 had Lee Canfield lead start to finish and Heat 3 saw Tyler Williamson passing early race leader Frenchy Bennington to take the win. The B-Main was settled aftger a Lap 52 pass for the lead and sent Andrew Tyson to the feature with the win over Franklin and C-Main winner Rick Williamson. The feature started with Heat 1 winner and current point leader, Mike Parrill, Sr., out front until Andrew Tyson took over the point on Lap 36. But Mikey was rolling and took the lead for good on Lap 79. Parrill would regain second spot ahead of Tyson who finished third. Rick Williamson finished 4th, Tyler Williamson was 5th and Lee Canfield was 6th. Good job, Mikey, and congratulations to Lee, Rick, and Andrew on their best finishes of the year. Hope this win was a sign of things to come for the Franklin family as they headed out that night for Florida and the WK Winternationals at Volusia Park. Good luck Mikey from everybody at The Cave. Next up will be the Earl Grimm Memorial for the Late Models on Friday, January 5th. Let's have a big turnout and give Earl a good show!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Skyline 100 Postponed

The Skyline 100, featuring the sprint cars at The Cave, has been temporarily postponed due to the impending birth of Joe's first grandchild. Another date will be announced soon. Everyone at The Cave wishes Joe and his entire family all the best as they welcome this little one into the world. Happy New Year to all our racers and we'll see you on January 5th for the Earl Grimm Memorial.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Points Standings As Of 12/22/2006

1. Mike P. Sr. - 778
2. JP - 747
3. Mikey - 734
4. Jeremy - 701
5. Mike F. - 665
6. Matt - 573
7. Andrew - 563
8. Nick - 535
9. Rick - 530
10. Dwain - 507
11. Lee - 464
12. Budd - 456
13. Tyler - 446
14. Steve - 430
15. Mike P. Jr. - 351
16. Frenchy - 346
17. Chris - 273
18. Bobby - 260
19. Joe - 214
20. Alan - 183
21. Greg - 100
22. Aaron - 98

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Welsh Tops Pure Stocks

JP Welsh put his S-3 Camaro in Victory Lane with his first win of the season. JP time trialed 3rd and won his heat on his way to the win. Heat #2 winner was Alan Sagi. Nick Canfield won the C-Main with 2-time winner Mikey Franklin winning the B-main over Dad, Mike, Jeremy Tinsman and Frenchy. JP led the first 14 laps from his pole position until Sagi got around him to lead until Lap 30. With lead changes between Welsh and Sagi on Laps 31, 33, 41, and 56, JP would hold on for the win over 2nd place Sagi,, 3rd place Mikey Franklin, 4th place Jeremy Tinsman, 5th place Mike Franklin and 6th place Frenchy. The Pure Stocks will have the night off on December 22nd to make way for the Santa Claus 100 trophy race, a Late Model only event.

Parrill Wins Number Three

Mike Parrill, Sr. battled a slick track, a poor qualifying run, and fifteen other cars to take his third win of the year at The Cave Friday night. After qualifying 11th and starting fourth in his heat he would get rolling and edge out a determined Frenchy by a car length for the win. Other heat winners were JP Welsh in the first heat over fast qualifier Joe Shifflett and Alan Sagi. Matt Williamson won the D-Main and C-Main and finished 3rd behind Frenchy and Joe Shifflett in the B-Main to gain the last spot in the feature. With very few cautions to slow the pace the action was fast and furious with JP jumping out to lead the first 47 laps until Parrill, Sr. would make a pass for the lead. Parrill, Sr. held the lead until Lap 97 when JP would regain the lead. Parrill, Sr. again took over the front spot one lap later on Lap 98 and held on for the win. The final run down was: 1st - Mike Parrill, Sr.; 2nd - JP Welsh; 3rd - Frenchy; 4th - Alan Sagi; 5th - Matt Williamson; and 6th - Joe Shifflett. Next up at The Cave will be the Santa Claus 100 trophy race. This is a Late Model event only and the Pure Stocks will have the night off.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Wings Are Coming to The Cave

Bats won't be the only winged creatures at The Cave Speedway on Friday, December 29th. The Cave Speedway will host the Skyline 100 at 8:00 P.M. on Friday, December 29th featuring winged sprint cars for a $50 to win special. This will be the sprints first appearances at The Cave but hopefully won't be the last.

Point Standings As Of 12/15/2006

1. Mike P. - 683
2. JP - 677
3. Mikey - 636
4. Jeremy - 632
5. Mike F. - 604
6. Matt - 507
7. Nick - 481
8. Andrew - 477
9. Dwain - 451
10. Rick - 450
11. Steve - 430
12. Budd - 404
13. Lee - 387
14. Tyler - 366
15. Mike P. Jr. - 351
16. Frenchy - 288
17. Chris - 273
18. Bobby - 260
19. Joe S. - 204
20. Alan S. - 183
21. Greg - 100
22. Aaron - 98

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Point Standings As Of 12/8/2006

1. Mike P. - 583
2. JP - 582
3. Jeremy - 576
4. Mikey - 570
5. Mike F. - 537
6. Andrew - 477
7. Matt - 432
8. Nick - 431
9. Dwain - 399
10. Lee - 387
11. Steve - 382
12. Rick - 380
13. Mike P. Jr. - 351
14. Budd - 350
15. Tyler - 305
16. Chris - 273
17. Bobby - 202
18. Frenchy - 200
19. Joe S. - 139
20. Greg - 100
21. Alan S. - 98
22. Aaron - 98

Franklin Undefeated in Pure Stock Division

Mikey Franklin runs the table in Pure Stocks. He did it all. Set fast time, won his heat, and won the feature. JP Welsh won Heat #2 and Mike Franklin would take the B-Main. Finishing order: Mikey Franklin 1st; Mike Parrill, Sr. 2nd; Mike Franklin 3rd; JP Welsh 4th; Andrew 5th; and Mike Parrill, Jr. 6th.

Tinsman Wins Again!

Jeremy Tinsman continues to gain momentum with his second win of the year Friday night at The Cave. After setting fast time, Tinsman would win the B-Main to earn the 4th starting spot in the feature. Heat winners for the night were Mike Franklin, Mikey (aka Fingers) Franklin, and Mike Parrill, Sr. Mike Franklin would lead the field to the green and lead the first 4 laps before giving way to son, Mikey, who led until Lap 15 when Tinsman took control and held it for the win. Final rundown: Tinsman 1st; Mike Franklin 2nd; Mikey (Fingers) Franklin 3rd; Mike Parrill, Jr. 4th; Andrew 5th; and Mike Parrill, Sr. 6th.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Welsh Gets 1st of the Year

J.P. Welsh picked up his first win of the season and became the 5th winner in six races at The Cave Friday night. Heat winners for the night were Jeremy Tinsman, Mike Parrill, Sr., and Welsh. The starting field was completed with Mikey Franklin taking the B-Main over Nick Canfield and Mike Parrill, Jr. JP used his pole position to lead the first 16 laps before giving way to Tinsman, Parrill, and Franklin. Franklin would take command on Lap 51. Mikey would lead until JP ran him down with nine to go for the win. Finishing order was JP, Mikey Franklin, Mike Parrill, Sr., Jeremy Tinsman, Mike Parrill, Jr., and Nick Canfield. With the win JP regains the point lead by four over Mike Parrill, Sr. Lap leaders were: JP, Laps 1-16; Jeremy, Laps 17 and 18; Mike Parrill, Sr., Laps 19-32; Jeremy Tinsman, Laps 33 and 34; Mikey Franklin, Laps 51-91; and JP, Laps 92-100. The first Pure Stock race of the year was won by Mikey Franklin over Mike Parrill, Sr., Jeremy Tinsman, Mike Franklin, Frenchy, and Dwain Welsh. Heat wins for the 11 car field were won by Mike Franklin and Mikey Franklin with the B-Main going to Jeremy Tinsman. Racing continues Friday night, December 8th with Late Models and the second race for the Pure Stocks. Thanks to you all. Be safe and see you Friday.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Point Standings As Of 12/1/2006

1. JP - 510
2. Mike P. - 506
3. Mikey - 480
4. Jeremy - 478
5. Mike F. - 442
6. Matt - 432
7. Andrew - 401
8. Nick - 364
9. Dwain - 343
10. Steve - 330
11. Lee - 327
12. Rick - 316
13. Tyler - 305
14. Budd - 292
15. Mike P. Jr. - 268
16. Chris - 219
17. Bobby - 202
18. Frenchy - 200
19. Joe S. - 139
20. Greg - 100
21. Alan S. - 98
22. Aaron - 98

Friday, December 01, 2006

Parking at THE CAVE!!

Please park around back due to the increased rain and winds.