Thursday, November 30, 2006


Some videos from THE CAVE LONG AGO!! Enjoy!!

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Old Videos From THE CAVE! enjoy!!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Sagi Wins Black Friday 100

Alan Sagi took a full shopping cart back to Hagerstown, Maryland Friday night by winning the Black Friday 100 at The Cave Speedway. Building momentum after time trialing 8th in a 17 car field, 2nd place in his heat would send him to the B-Main where he would edge last years Rookie of the Year, Mikey Franklin, by inches to gain his spot in the feature. Competition continues to tighten with fast time set by Mike Franklin at 2.428 and 6th fastest, JP Welsh, at 2.492. Heat wins for the first trophy race of the year were won by Mike Franklin, Nick Canfield, and Mike Parrill. The D-Main sent Matt Williamson on to the C-Main with Jeremy Tinsman claiming the top spot in the C and B-Main taking Joe Shifflett and Sagi to the feature. The feature turned out to be just another ho-hum affair with only 13 lead changes among 4 different drivers. With lead changes almost every lap for the first half, the second half turned into an intense two car battle between Sagi and Tinsman sometimes only separated by inches. But Sagi was flawless in his first ever visit to the "Bentonville Bull Ring" and held on for the win. Finishing 2nd through 6th were Jeremy Tinsman, Mike Parrill, Joe Shifflett, Mike Franklin, and Nick Canfield. In other action Jeremy Tinsman won the third "Race of Champions", a race of the last six different winners at The Cave. Second through 6th were Mike Parrill, Mikey Franklin, Mike Franklin, JP Welsh, and Matt Williamson. Thanks to all my racers and see you Friday, December 1st, for our first pure stock race of the season.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Alan Sagi Wins Black Friday at THE CAVE

Full write up to come.
Jeremey wins the Race of Champions

Here are the Black Friday Pictures!

Partial Black Friday Pictures

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Black Friday 2006 All Pictures! enjoy!!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Point Standings As Of 11-24-2006

1. Mike P. - 416
2. JP - 410
3. Jeremy - 393
4. Mike F. - 388
5. Mikey - 387
6. Matt - 376
7. Andrew - 332
8. Steve - 330
9. Tyler - 305
10. Nick - 301
11. Dwain - 282
12. Rick - 264
13. Lee - 264
14. Budd - 242
15. Bobby - 202
16. Mike P. Jr. - 190
17. Chris - 150
18. Frenchy - 142
19. Joe S. - 139
20. Greg - 100
21. Alan S. - 98
22. Aaron - 98

Parking At The Cave

Due to the recent wet weather please do not enter under the tree and park in the side yard at The Cave. Instead please turn left onto Bubb Lane and then park on that side next to the gas tank. Thanks!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Tinsman Tames The Cave

Jeremy Tinsman became the third winner in four races this year at The Cave Speedway by topping a stout field of 18 racers Friday in downtown Bentonville, Virginia. Toning up for next weeks trophy race, Tinsman got off to a good start by setting fast time at 2.398 seconds. Starting on the pole for Heat #1, Tinsman struggled to a fourth place finish behind winner Steve Welsh, last week's winner Mike Franklin, and Nick Canfield. Heat #2 would find Andrew winning, sending him to his first ever feature. Mikey was second and Tyler was third. Heat #3 had JP winning over Lee and Matt. Two-time winner Mike Parrill's struggles continued finding him having to win the D-Main. Jeremy's heat race results found him coming out of the C-Main. The B-Main would send Mikey, Mike F. and Jeremy on to the feature. The feature was a toss up from start to finish with four different leaders and position changing almost every lap. Steve would lead the first half from the pole position. From that point on it was a cluster with five lead changes in 18 laps with Jeremy taking over for good on Lap 71, holding on over Andrew, JP, Mikey, Mike F., and Steve. Lap Leaders: Steve, Laps 1-53; Andrew, Laps 54-59; Jeremy, Laps 60-65; Mikey, Laps 66-70, Jeremy, Lap 71 to the finish. Jeremy's win also nabbed him the last spot in the Race of Champions along with JP, Matt, Mikey, Mike F. and Mike P. Next up at The Cave on Friday, November 24th, will be the Black Friday 100, the first trophy race of the season, along with the Race of Champions (the last six winners at The Cave). Thanks to all my racers. Be safe and see you Friday night.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Point Standings As Of 11-17-2006

1. JP - 344
2. Mike P. - 326
3. Mikey - 317
4. Matt - 314
5. Mike F. - 308
6. Tyler - 305
7. Jeremy - 302
8. Steve - 276
9. Andrew - 265
10. Rick - 264
11. Dwain - 226
12. Nick - 224
13. Lee - 213
14. Budd - 196
15. Mike P. Jr. - 190
16. Chris - 150
17. Bobby - 144
18. Aaron - 98
19. Frenchy - 96
20. Joe S. - 56
21. Greg - 40

Franklin Puts The Hot Rod In Victory Lane

Note: Due to computer failure last weeks results were delayed. We apologize for any inconvenience. These are the results from last week, Friday, November 10th. Mike Franklin parking the blue and white #8 hot rod in victory lane? Whoda thunk it? Well 17 other racers saw it Friday night at The Cave Speedway. Qualifying gave us a hint of what was to come as Franklin topped the field of 18 racers with a fast lap of 2.470 to earn the pole in Heat #1 and would go on to win over two time winner Mike Parrill and Tyler. Heat #2 would send Jeremy Tinsman to the feature with a win over Steve and Matt. Heat #3 saw the ninth qualifier, JP Welsh, top Lee and Rick to send him to the feature. The Mains started with Mikey winning the D-Main, C-Main, and the B-Main to gain the 4th starting spot followed by 2nd place Steve and 3rd place Tyler. The feature started with Franklin leading the first 64 laps until Tyler got around him briefly until Mike retook the lead on Lap 73 and led to the checkered. Tyler was 2nd, Mikey 3rd (from the D-Main), 4th was Steve, 5th was JP, and Jeremy was 6th.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Please note the rear tire WEAR RULE will be in effect starting this Friday 11/17.
Until now there has been a gray area in the rear tire WEAR rule.
New tires will eventually wear down, and therefore any tire that has worn
down in height to less than .90 will not be considered within the spec
of the rules.
So any part of the rear tire cannot be under .90 in height.

Mike Franklin Wins at THE CAVE SPEEDWAY

Mike Franklin wins at THE CAVE
Full write-up to come!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Point Standings As Of 11/10/2006

1. Mike P. - 266
2. Matt - 255
3. JP - 254
4. Tyler - 238
5. Mikey - 234
6. Mike F. - 230
7. Jeremy - 217
8. Rick - 208
9. Steve - 199
10. Dwain - 174
11. Andrew - 170
12. Nick - 160
13. Budd - 152
14. Lee - 141
15. Mike P., Jr. - 136
16. Aaron - 98
17. Chris - 94
18. Bobby - 94
19. Joe S. - 56
20. Frenchy - 48
21. Greg - 40

Monday, November 06, 2006

Parrill Makes It 2 For 2

Well, your personal car blows up and your home catches on fire. What would you do? Well not Mike P., who for the second week in a row topped sixteen other racers at The Cave on Friday night, November 3rd. JP started the night off as the top qualifier with a 2.582 second lap to earn the pole in Heat #1, which was a barn burner with seven lead changes among JP, Tyler, and Mikey with Mikey taking the win over Tyler and JP. Heat #2 had Mike F. on the pole and led from start to finish over Rick and Andrew. Heat #3 got back to what The Cave is known for.....4 lead changes among Mike P., Matt, and Mike P., Jr. with Mike P. just nipping Matt at the line for the win. Mike P. Jr. was 3rd. The D-Main would send Jeremy on to the C and the C-Main saw Mike P. Jr. take the win to advance to the B-Main. The B was another close one with JP taking the win over Matt and Mike P. Jr. The Feature would start with Mikey using his pole position to lead the first 26 laps until JP would take his first shot at the point leading Laps 27 through 30. But here comes Mike P. to lead Laps 31 through 46. JP shows he is not done and passes Mike P. again for the lead on Lap 46 and would hold it until Mike P. would again take the lead on Lap 69 and lead until the end. A fast closing Matt would again settle for second. The finishing order was: Mike P., Matt, JP, Mikey, Mike P. Jr. and Mike F. Lap leaders were Mikey, Laps 1-26; JP Laps 27-30; Mike P. Laps 31-46; JP Laps 47-68; and Mike P. Laps 69-100. Thanks to all my racers. Be safe and I'll see you on Friday, November 10th.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Point Standings As Of 11/3/2006

1. Mike P. - 200
2. Matt - 188
3. JP - 174
4. Rick - 149
5. Mike II - 149
6. Tyler - 147
7. Jeremy - 140
8. Mike F. - 130
9. Dwain - 118
10. Andrew - 118
11. Steve - 116
12. Nick - 106
13. Budd - 106
14. Aaron - 98
15. Mike P. Jr. - 76
16. Lee - 69
17. Joe S. - 56
18. Chris - 54
19. Bobby - 50
20. Greg - 40

Parrill wins again at THE CAVE

Mike Parrill Sr. wins 2 in a row at THE CAVE SPEEDWAY.
20 Car count (not yet confirmed) were on hand. More to come....