Saturday, February 25, 2006

Current Point Standings - 2-24-2006

The current point standings at The Cave Speedway as of February 24, 2006 are:

1. JP - 1302
2. Tyler - 1215
3. Mike F. - 1198
4. Jeremy - 1166
5. Matt - 1144
6. Mikey - 1133
7. Dwain - 1083
8. Rick - 1076
9. Mike P. - 1050
10. Jay - 983
11. Andrew - 932
12. Aaron - 866
13. Lee C. - 790
14. Nick - 364
15. Tim D. - 291
16. Tim S. - 270
17. Mitch - 171
18. Steve - 112
19. Travis - 75
20. Mike G. - 72
21. Randy - 68
22. Brad - 68
23. Dusty - 60

Racing Results - 2-24-06!

Thirteen drivers were on hand at The Cave Speedway Friday night for a regular night of racing action. JP was once again the quickest qualifier with a blistering lap time of 2.358 seconds. He then went on to win Heat #1. Heat #2 was dubbed the "Cousin 50" race as the four drivers in this heat were all related to one another: Matt, Tyler, Aaron and Jay. Matt came out on the top of the heap with a slight advantage over his brother, Tyler. Heat #3 turned out to be a barn burner between Dwain, Lee, Mike F. and Jeremy. Beginning the 6th and final 8-lap segment, the first three positions were tied and the 4th position was only one lap back. When all was said and done 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions were determined by track position and Lee was decided to be the winner. Track position once again became an issue with Dwain just barely beating Jay for the transfer spot to the B-Main. Dwain held on to win the B-Main but Mikey was coming hard but ran out of time and laps to finish second. The third and final transfer spot went to Rick. The laps in the feature clicked off at a quick pace with JP maintaining the lead throughout the entire event. Once again, the "young gun" Mikey was coming to the front but again had to settle for second. Keep gunning for 'em, Mikey, and you'll eventually win won of these things! The final run down was: 1st - JP; 2nd - Mikey; 3rd - Matt; 4th - Dwain; 5th - Lee; 6th - Rick (motor problems). Racing action will continue next Friday night, March 3rd, at 7:30. See you at "The Cave", where REAL racers go to hibernate!

Friday, February 24, 2006

Regular Racing Schedule Tonight

The regular racing schedule is on for tonight at The Cave Speedway beginning at 7:30 P.M. Come be a part of the excitement at The Cave, where REAL racers go to hibernate!!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Current Point Standings - 02/19/06

Here are the current point standings at The Cave Speedway as of 2/19/2006.
1. JP - 1200
2. Tyler - 1134
3. Mike F. - 1111
4. Jeremy - 1091
5. Mike P. - 1050
6. Matt - 1046
7. Mikey - 1035
8. Dwain - 989
9. Rick - 986
10. Jay - 905
11. Andrew - 864
12. Aaron - 782
13. Lee - 696
14. Nick - 292
15. Tim D. - 291
16. Tim S. - 270
17. Mitch - 171
18. Steve - 112
19. Travis - 75
20. Mike G. - 72
21. Randy - 68
22. Brad - 68
23. Dusty - 60

2006 Little World 100 Results

If you didn't make it to The Cave Speedway last night, Saturday, February 18th, for the running of the 2006 Little World 100, boy, did you miss out on some excellent racing. It was a packed house with standing room only at The Cave for this event and 15 drivers showed up to try to get into the field for The Cave's biggest race of the year. JP was the quickest qualifier with a lap time of 2.414 seconds just squeaking past Tyler, who ran a 2.416. That was just the first indication of how competitive the night would prove to be. JP went on to win Heat #1. Heat #2 was won by Matt; and Jeremy took the win in Heat #3. A "Dash for Cash" was run next featuring the six fastest qualifiers including JP (2.414), Tyler (2.416), Jeremy (2.424), Dwain (2.430), Matt (2.438) and Mikey (2.582). Tyler came out on top and took home the cash. The C-Main was next which gave the driver's their last shot at making the show and advancing to the B-Main. Mike F. took the win and claimed the last starting spot in the B-Main. The top three drivers from the B-Main were Tyler, Mikey and Dwain. The six spots for the feature were set and the drivers awaited the start of the 2006 Little World 100 with great anticipation with a few nerves thrown into the mix. To determine lane starting position, a Dash was run of the three heat winners, JP, Matt and Jeremy. Matt held on for the win in the Dash and started the Feature in Lane 1, the preferred starting position. I have said this before but by far, THIS WAS THE BEST RACING we have ever witnessed at The Cave Speedway. The field was chocked full of talented drivers and quick cars and you could feel the excitement in the air as the field was turned loose. The race consisted of six 18-lap segments and it started at a blistering pace. The entire field remained close throughout the entire event. There were only three or four cautions which just goes to show the abilities of these drivers and the control they have over these little 1:24th scale "rockets". There was give and take as the drivers approached the squeeze down lanes in the turns and they showed great patience as they waited for just the right place to make their move to the front. As the laps ran down, the field was furiously chasing Tyler. With two laps to go there was a tie for the lead and a three way tie for second, but when all was said and done, Tyler held on for the win. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th positions were separated by mere inches after running 100 laps.

The final results were:
1st - Tyler; 2nd - Dwain; 3rd - Jeremy; 4th - Matt; 5th - Mikey; 6th - JP.

I challenge any of you reading this to find a better form of racing on a small budget that is this close and exciting. This was one for the record books for sure. If you are beating yourself up for missing all this action, you have a chance to make things right every Friday night at 7:30 by coming to The Cave to see for yourself what all the hoop-la is about. You won't be disappointed! If you are, we'll give you your admission fee back, no questions asked! (NOTE: There is no admission fee.)

Racing action will resume next Friday, February 24th, with the regular line-up of racing events at "The Cave", where REAL racers go to hibernate!! See you there!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Sweetheart results

The first “Sweetheart 50” is in the books and was a success. Vickie took the victory at The Cave Speedway last evening. She gave up her scorekeeper position for the evening to compete. Six ladies showed up to compete, which made a full field.
As the ladies started hot laps, you could see confidence building as they got aggressive on the track. When qualifying came around Tonya was on top with a lap of 2.75 seconds, which actually was a pretty good lap time! Each segment consisted of 18 laps, with a break for the ladies after the fourth segment. Going into the feature there were several lead changes between Tonya and Vickie. In the third segment Tracie joined and there was a three way tie for the lead. Going into the fourth segment Tonya and Vickie would battle again for the lead, With lead swaps through the segment. The fifth segment will find Vickie pulling ahead by several laps. The final segment Vickie took no mercy as she pulled ahead with a comfortable lead on the field, while second place through fourth place battled it out. Adrienne was coming on as she clawed her way up to second place. The racing was close all night, going into the final segment first place to fourth was separated by only 4 laps!
It was an interesting night with the ladies, there were cars “twirling around” which
Was a new expression for the cars at “The Cave.”
Cars were over the wall, and one for the first time ending up in the drivers stand.
All in all a great night for the ladies! Thanks for your participation.

Final rundown

Vickie 97 laps

Adrienne 91 laps

Tonya 90

Tracie 87

Doris 72

Carey 70

Tonight it is the Little World 100. Need a racing fix for the off season of dirt racing?
Then come to “The Cave”

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Little World 100

The "Little World 100", will be run Saturday, February 18th at The Cave Speedway. The track opens at 7:30 for warm-ups. This is the biggest race of the season so make sure you are there to be a part of an exciting racing weekend. If you have been curious about what racing at The Cave is all about, this Saturday would be a good time to find out. So join us at The Cave, where REAL racers go to hibernate!!!

Sweetheart 50 Friday Night

Okay ladies, let's head to the track and show the guys how it is really done! Come to The Cave Speedway Friday night, February 17th, and compete in the all ladies race. Warm-ups (and we are going to need a bunch of it) begin at 7:30 P.M. Come join us for a sure fire night of exciting racing as the ladies battle it out. Open practice for the "Little World 100" will follow the ladies event.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

"Sweetheart 50"

The "Sweetheart 50", an all ladies event, will be held on Friday, February 17th at 7:30 P.M. at "The Cave". After this event the track will be open for practice for those still fine tuning their cars for Saturday's "Little World 100"to be held the following night, Saturday, February 18th. See you there!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Race Results - 2/10/06

Mike F. was the quickest qualifier with a lap time of 2.306 seconds at The Cave on Friday night. Tyler won Heat #1, Mikey took the win in Heat #2 and JP came across first in Heat #3. These three drivers got the job done quickly and assured their spot in the Feature, leaving the rest of the drivers to battle it out in the C and B Mains. Andrew and Nick battled back and forth for the lead throughout most of the C-Main. Andrew held on for the win and advanced to the B-Main. The three transfer spots coming out of the B-Main went to Mike F., Matt and Mike P. with Andrew just missing out on the third transfer spot by a matter of inches. This set up another quick field of cars and excellent drivers for the Feature, which stayed extremely tight right up to the end. At one point there was a five way tie for the lead and the drivers were battling hard not to give up a position. Tyler, who started the night second in points behind JP, developed gear problems and started dropping back through the field and eventually had to leave the track. Mike F. and JP kept trading the lead back and forth but when all was said and done Mike F. took the win, which was his first Feature win at The Cave Speedway. Congratulations Mike F.! Here is the final rundown. 1st - Mike F.; 2nd - JP; 3rd - Matt; 4th - Mike P.; 5th - Mikey; 6th - Tyler (dnf).

Next Friday, February 17th, the first ever "Sweetheart 50" featuring the ladies will be run at The Cave Speedway. This should be an interesting race since many of the ladies, if not all of them, are first time slot car racers. Hey guys, pay attention! Watch and learn!! Following the "Sweetheart 50" will be open practice for the Cave's regular drivers who will be putting the final touches on their cars for the "Little World 100" to be held the next night, Saturday, February 18th. It will be a busy weekend at "The Cave" so come on out and share in the excitement of real dirt late model slot car racing. All racing action begins at 7:30 P.M. unless otherwise posted.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Racing on For Tonight

The regular racing schedule is on for tonight, February 10th, at The Cave Speedway. Come on out and join us! Racing action begins at 7:30 P.M.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Racing Friday Night!

Our favorite day of the week is almost here! Regular racing schedule on tap for The Cave with racing action beginning at 7:30 P.M. Mark your calendars for the "Sweetheart 50", ladies only event to be held at The Cave on February 17th. This should be a very interesting race!! The "Little World 100" will be on the following night, Saturday, February 18th. We are hoping to have about 20 drivers on hand for this trophy race, so if you have been thinking you would like to join us, come on out to "The Cave". We'd be glad to have you!!!. More details about the "Little World 100" will be posted soon so keep watching the web site. See you at "The Cave"!!!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Race Results - February 3, 2006

Fifteen drivers showed up at The Cave on Friday, February 3rd, for the night's regular racing events. JP continued to show his car's speed by being the quickest qualifier of the night after running a scorching 2.315 second lap IN LANE 5. Lane 1 is usually the preferred qualifying lane but JP felt his car handled better in Lane 5 so he went for it and it paid off. Heat #1 was won by JP; Heat #2 went to Tyler and Heat #3 saw Rick come across for the win, ending his long dry spell. Mike F. performed a repeated act from the week before by conquering the field in the C-Main and going on to win the B-Main. The final two transfer spots for the Feature went to Mikey and Mitch. The Feature event of the night promised to be a good one with a line-up of good drivers and fast cars. Once again, JP and Tyler played cat and mouse with each other throughout the event and this one went down to the wire. JP returned to the winner's circle after holding off a hard charging Tyler. Here is the final rundown. 1st - JP; 2nd - Tyler; 3rd - Mitch; 4th - Mike F.; 5th - Mikey; 6th - Rick. The racing action at The Cave continues to get more competitive each week, frustrating some drivers and making others even more dedicated to finding just the right set up.

Results From Nitemare 100

Sorry for the delay in reporting the results from The Nitemare 100 but we had to do some adjustments to the web site in order to get more space. The quickest qualifier of the night was Jeremy with a 2.400 second lap time. Tyler won Heat #1; JP won Heat #2 and Mike P. won Heat #3. A Dash was run between the three heat winners consisting of 6 4-lap segments. JP was the Dash winner. In the C-Main, Mike F. comes to the front after starting last and takes the win and gets the last starting spot in the B-Main. His winning ways continued as he was also the winner of the B-Main. Mikey and Lee claimed the last two starting spots for the Feature, this being Lee's first time to make a Feature. The feature proved to be another highly competitive race at The Cave. JP and Tyler battled hard throughout the whole race with no more than tw0 laps separating them at any time. Tyler holds on for the win and takes home the trophy! The final results were: 1st - Tyler; 2nd - JP; 3rd - Mikey; 4th - Lee; 5th - Mike F. and 6th - Mike P.